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I am a freelance reporter specializing in real estate, business, the transition to clean energy and climate change. I am a regular contributor to The New York Times and Energy News Network. My work has also frequently appeared in The Boston Globe,, Next City, and many other outlets/publications. I am the author of "Snob Zones: Fear, Prejudice and Real Estate" (Beacon Press, 2013).


New York Times
Colleges Showcase Mass Timber, in Research and on Display

Campuses across the nation are promoting the sustainable construction material as a low-carbon alternative to steel and concrete. It is included not only as a concept in the curriculum but also as a material in campus buildings.

New York Times
Seeking a Fresh Start in Connecticut: In a House or a Condo?

Looking to downsize from their home in Westport, Frederic Chiu and Jeanine Esposito strategized about the best way to downsize to find a forever home they could afford -- with room for a grand piano. These were their options.

Energy News Network
N.H. may offer new path for utilities to procure electricity

Long a proponent of allowing the free market to dictate energy sources and prices, the administration of Gov. Chris Sununu is now having second thoughts. The governor wants to allow utilities to buy power directly from generators, instead of relying on regional wholesale markets.

Energy News Network
Conn. bill seeks a plan - and a definition - for 'clean hydrogen'

Hoping to tap into the billions of dollars in federal incentives coming available for renewable energy projects, Connecticut is preparing to lay out a strategic plan for developing a clean hydrogen economy. But first they have to define it.

Energy News Network
N.H. welcomes 'advanced recycling' of plastics

New Hampshire is "rolling out the welcome mat" for the so-called advanced recycling of plastics, but skeptics are calling for tighter regulation of the process.

Energy News Network
Frustration as N.H. Dems try again on climate bill

For the fourth year in a row, Democratic lawmakers and their allies in New Hampshire will push for the state to join the rest of New England in codifying state-level greenhouse gas reduction goals.

Energy News Network
Window inserts keeping New England homes warm

The non-profit WindowDressers, based in Maine, assembles volunteers to produce thousands of low-cost, energy-saving window inserts in four New England states every fall.

Energy News Network
Conn. HOAs can no longer block solar installations

Kenneth McKinney planned to cover the south-facing back roof of his home in Granby, Connecticut with solar panels. His homeowner's association rejected the idea. But a little-known state law makes such prohibitions illegal.

Energy News Network
Frustration grows over Connecticut's lack of access to Canadian power

New England's reliance on natural gas for electricity generation is expected to cost the region dearly this winter. Political leaders in Connecticut and other states are frustrated with the inability to get transmission lines approved through Maine and New Hampshire.

New York Times
The A.D.U. Experiment

Accessory dwelling units, long popular on the West Coast, are coming to the Northeast. And high-priced Princeton, N.J., seeking to replenish the 'missing middle' of housing, is the guinea pig.

Energy News Network
New England states poised to capitalize on IRA incentives

Years of work crafting climate and clean energy plans have left New England states in a prime position to take advantage of renewable energy incentives in the historic climate bill enacted by Congress over the summer, advocates say.

Energy News Network
Rhode Island wrestles with what net-zero goal means for gas

Rhode Island utility regulators are beginning to consider what the state's mandate to zero out greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 means for its natural gas system. Changes could include a moratorium on new hookups and incentives for renewable natural gas.

Energy News Network
Vermont to become first state to prohibit fluorescents

Aiming to reduce mercury hazards and boost energy efficiency, Vermont will prohibit the sale of the long, tube-shaped fluorescent lamps that light up supermarkets, office buildings and classrooms as of January 2024.

Energy News Network
How hydrology could help a changing electric grid

The U.S. Dept. of Energy will award $10 million for research into "energy sheds," a concept borrowed from hydrology to study how the increasingly complex grid system works.

Energy News Network
Grid operator moves to delay reform of rule favoring fossil fuels

A proposal from New England's grid operator to delay a key reform that would enable more renewable energy sources to bid into the capacity market is prompting a torrent of protests in a proceeding before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Energy News Network
Conn. regulators move to end gas subsidies

Connecticut regulators want to immediately halt a ratepayer-funded program that incentivizes homeowners and businesses to convert to natural gas.

Energy News Network
NH bills aim to preempt state's net-metering study

A years-long study to determine a fair rate to pay New Hampshire utility customers for their unused solar power and other generation is nearing completion, but some Republican state lawmakers don't want to wait.

Energy News Network
RI AG seeks emergency order to block utility sale

The day after Rhode Island regulators approved the proposed sale of the state's largest gas and electricity distribution utility, Rhode Island Attorney General Peter Neronha filed for an emergency stay of the decision pending an appeal over the buyer's climate commitments.

Energy News Network
Utility tests a novel grid technology: Frozen peas

National Grid is looking to recruit as many as 50 grocery stores in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to test an artificial intelligence software platform designed to lower their refrigeration energy use during peak demand periods, thereby reducing their costs and easing stress on the electrical grid.

Energy News Network
Conn. starts 'long road' to electric school buses

Children in seven environmental justice communities in Connecticut will soon be breathing fewer diesel fumes thanks to the latest round of state grants from the Volkswagen settlement funds.

New York Times
A Push for Zoning Reform in Connecticut

A broad-based zoning reform movement is gathering momentum in Connecticut, as racial justice activists step up their efforts to break down barriers to affordable housing and economic opportunity at a time of national awakening around such issues.

Energy News Network
Fresh optimism after Vineyard Wind approval

Offshore wind developers are reassessing projects with new confidence about their timelines following the Biden administration's approval this week of the country's first large-scale offshore wind project.

New York Times
Restricting Beach Access to Residents Only

Fearing the spread of Covid-19, many towns in Connecticut and Long Island are trying to keep nonresidents off the sand, butting up against legal mandates that require them to maintain public access.

New York Times
After a Catastrophic Fire, a Long Road Back

A fire destroyed the Treadmark apartment building in Dorchester, Mass. just days before opening. The developer overcame a host of challenges in order to rebuild.

New York Times
A Wall Divides a Connecticut Town

Walls are a particularly sensitive subject these days, given the national conversation. In New Canaan, a slab of concrete in the center of town has many residents fuming.

New York Times
Seven Ways Telecommuting Has Changed Real Estate

As wireless technology changes how and where people do their jobs, giving many the freedom to work remotely at least part of the time, so too is it changing their thinking about real estate.

New York Times
Where Can You Park a Tiny Home?

As tiny living becomes more popular, tiny-house owners are discovering an outsize problem: finding somewhere to put down roots. News
Older Americans Flock to Rentals

Households of renters aged 60 and up swelled by 43% over the past decade, more than any other age group.

New York Times
If Food Is Medicine, These Are the Labs

Nonprofits that deliver healthy meals to the chronically ill are expanding in cities like Boston, where Community Servings' new facility will churn out 1.5 million meals annually.

New York Times
A Millyard Transitions From Textiles to Tech

The 19th-century Manchester Millyard, in NH, is a fertile ecosystem for tech firms, and the site of a new institute focused on the biofabrication of human tissue and organs.

Design New England
Land, Light, Luxe

A modern farmhouse brings creature comforts and urbane style to a rustic setting.

New York Times
Hartford Kicks Open Its Doors to Innovators

Hartford Flavor Co. represents just the sort of grass-roots success story that Connecticut hopes to cultivate through a new grant program aimed at creating innovation places.

Habitat Magazine
Harassment Hits Home

Most boards overseeing NYC co-ops and condos do not have anti-harassment policies in place for building employees. That's a big risk.

New York Times
A View Divides Gold Coast Neighbors

A $1.85 million addition to a waterfront home has quite literally put a wedge between the homeowners and their neighbors.

New York Times
The Call of Converted Barns

In Connecticut's Litchfield County, builders cater to wealthy weekenders with homes constructed from barns moved from elsewhere.

Nightmare at Dreamy Hollow

Life at Dreamy Hollow, a 164-unit co-op in Norwalk, Conn., has often been nightmarish, due to heavy debt and lax management. Now, it faces dissolution.

Boston Globe Magazine
Two Exes, One Roof

What happens when a divorcing couple meet a slow housing market? Usually, it's not pretty.

New York Times
Building for Future, Ithaca Remakes Town Square

The $15.3 million makeover of the Commons, which had not changed much in 40 years, is both emblematic of and a stimulus for the rapidly changing face of downtown Ithaca.

UNH Magazine
Pride and Prejudice

A bid for affordable housing upsets the social order in northern Maine.

New York Times
A Themed Hotel Comes to an Ivy League Town

From its eyeglasses logo to its “Food for Thought” room service menu, the Study at Yale aims to make guests feel connected to their Ivy League surroundings.

New York Times
House Hunting in ... Scotland

The housing markets in Edinburgh and Glasgow are strong, thanks in part to a UK economy that is performing better than expected.